ODB++ Solutions Development Partners

Aegis Industrial Software Corporation

Aegis imports ODB++ directly into their CAD-aware FactoryLogix® Manufacturing Operations Software for new product introductions, factory-wide material logistics, shop floor MES, real-time dashboards, historical reporting and total product/process traceability.


Agilent believes the ODB++ format can offer significant advantages over other manufacturing formats used in the EDA industry. These benefits can increase productivity for both Agilent’s customer base and internal hardware design efforts.

Altium Inc

Altium Designer has it's roots in the industry's first ever PCB design solution for the Windows platform, and has fully supported ODB++ as a preferred fabrication, DFM and DFT output database for over 10 years. Altium continues it's commitment to support ODB++ and bring PCB designers everywhere the best and most robust design and fabrication solutions.


ANSYS uses ODB++ as the gateway into its electromagnetic field solvers HFSS, SIwave, TPA and Q3D Extractor.

Applied Simulation Technology

Applied Simulation Technology will import ODB++ data format files into their Apsim CAD tool.

Artwork Conversion Software Inc

Artwork offers translators from ODB++ into GDSII, OASIS, DXF, Gerber, STEP, IDF, Ansys/Ansoft simulators, SolidWorks, AWR's MW Office, Agilent's ADS; high resolution ODB++ rasterizers (TIFF, BMP - monochrome and grey scale) for photoplotters, inkjets and laser direct imaging equipment.


Assembléon integrates into the product design and development flows of its customers using ODB++. Fully-featured ODB++ input into Assembléon’s line-programming software guarantees fast and accurate manufacturing ramp up.  This counts for Assembléon’s entire range of SMT assembly platforms, delivered to the worldwide electronics manufacturing market.

ASTER Technologies

ASTER Technologies is the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability analysis tools, capitalizing on proven expertise in electrical rules checking and test coverage analysis. ASTER has partnered for many years with Mentor / Valor to maintain updated ODB++ interfaces in TestWay, twExpress and QuadView

BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd

BQR partners with Mentor to create integration between ODB++ compatible design flows and fiXtress to enable designers to evaluate the electrical stress level, to perform stress derating analysis and schematic modeling, to provide actual power dissipation for thermal analysis and to predict the warranty and service life (MTBF). The use of fiXtress will enable designers to improve product robustness while reducing time to market.


CADCAM Group partners with Mentor to create integration between ODB++ compatible design flows and CATIA v5 MCAD processes.


CADCAM-E.COM, Inc. (CCE) is developing integration between ODB++ compatible design flows and MCAD and ECAD processes.


Cadence and Valor have partnered for over 10 years to provide mutual customers with the ODB++ output from the Allegro design system, now including built-in graphical viewing. See the “Resources” section to register for download.

CADint Sweden

CADint PCB product supports import and export of ODB++ manufacturing data.


COMSOL Multiphysics converts 2D layouts in the ODB++™ format into 3D geometries that allows for simulations including the electromagnetic, thermal, and structural behavior of these components and devices.

Corelis Inc

Corelis offers a broad line of JTAG/boundary-scan test software and hardware products. Corelis ScanExpress software supports the ODB++ format to assist in rapid boundary-scan test development.


CST STUDIO SUITE reads ODB++ from multiple PCB design processes to perform fast and fullwave electromagnetic analysis of signal and power integrity.

DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions - Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ software uses ODB++ as a critical part of its automated translation from electronic CAD to full three dimensional (3D) computer aided engineering (CAE) designs with embedded material information.


Digitaltest solutions for test, manufacturing and quality control are installed at over 1,000 electronics manufacturing companies worldwide. It's software C-LINK processes ODB++ for AOI, Boundary Scan, In-Circuit-Test, Flying Probe and assembly systems.


Downstream has partnered for many years with Valor and now Mentor to maintain updated ODB++ interfaces in Blueprint PCB and CAM350.


PCB-Investigator designed by EasyLogix ODB++ is the most advanced format to provide information in a suitable way to different departments. Exchanging necessary information between development and manufacturing with PCB-Investigator and ODB++ as interface helps reducing costs in many ways. Blur the boundaries of ECAD, MCAD and CAM with the powerful combination of ODB++ and PCB-Investigator.


3DIC co-design tool, START, produced by FIRST is fully applied to ODB++ input-output.


All of Frontline’s CAM, DFM and Engineering tools are fully ODB++ compliant. Frontline recommends ODB++ as the optimal method for CAD-CAM data exchange for PCB fabrication.


GigaVis is an AOI manufacturer and has supported ODB++ format over 10 years for its inspection, measuring and imaging solutions


HandTop uses ODB++ as the interface to their HandTop Legend printer.

Intercept Technology Inc.

For 15+ years, Pantheon, Intercept Technology’s PCB, Hybrid and RF layout software, has offered designers embedded DFM verification with additional options for verification checking in Valor using ODB++. As the ODB++ file format’s uses continue to expand, Intercept remains committed to supporting it through the ODB++ Solutions Alliance.

iTAC Software AG

iTAC Software AG will import ODB++ files will be used to driving repair processes on factory floor.


JUKI uses ODB++ as the import interface to their RV - 1 visual inspection machine.

KGK Corporation

KGK Corporation is using ODB++ to interface with their CAMaster tool.

Macaos Software

Macaos Software provides integrated solutions for PCB purchasing and manufacture.

Mentor Graphics

Mentor recommends ODB++ as the most efficient way to transfer a PCB product from the design-phase into fabrication, assembly and test. ODB++ is implemented by Mentor as the basis for all DFM and fabrication, assembly and test process preparation and engineering.

Nagoya Electric

Nagoya Electric recommends ODB++ as input to its NLB-SX, NVI-FZ, NVI-FX PCB Assembly inspection systems, for fast set-up and accurate defect detection.

Nimbic Inc.

Nimbic has partnered with Mentor Graphics in the integration of ODB++ interface to enable chip-package-system 3D full-wave Electromagnetic Integrity solutions for Signal, Power and EMI.

Nisoul / CADLUS

CADLUS is a system for electronic designs. Global provider of electronic board design and CAD system development. Through the ODB++ Solutions Alliance partnership, Nisoul supports ODB++ within the CADLUS-One V6.0 design system.

Novarm Ltd

Novarm develops ODB++ support for its DipTrace product. We believe ODB++ is the optimal way of exchanging data between ECAD and manufacturing.


In partnership with Frontline PCB Solutions, Orbotech supports ODB++ for integration of its leading inspection, imaging and repair systems into the product design and development flows of the world's largest electronics product OEMs.

Oscillated Recall Technology

Oscillated Recall Technology provides the ODB++ import and export features, and the high speed and the high quality 3D simulations for etching/compensation, plating and FDTD based electromagnetic simulation to drastically improve your productivity.


Panasonic Factory Solutions Company holds as its corporate mission: "To contribute to the development of the world with manufacturing solutions."

Pansino Solution

Pansino Solution is an Automatic Test Equipment vendor and is using ODB++ as an interface to their TestOnDmand software.


Pertilience is using ODB++ as an interface between eCAD and their Buymanager purchasing optimization software.

Philoptics, Co. Ltd.

Philoptics Co. Ltd. manufactures and sells semiconductor manufacturing machines and equipment. The company is based in Suwon, South Korea.


Creo View ECAD reads ODB++ for visualization and comparison of ECAD PCB product-models whilst being fully integral to PTC’s PLM solutions.

QBuild Corporation

QBuild provides a real-time, two way link between PADS and ERP systems using ODB++. Engineering benefits from improved efficiency and cost-reduction. Modify, update and create design information without leaving the PADS design suite.


Remcom's XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software easily imports ODB++ PCB files and also allows ODB++ PCB import within our unique CAD Merge functionality, allowing retention of modifications to the PCB that were applied previously to avoid rework.

Saki Corporation

Saki Corporation uses ODB++ as the interface to their AOI machines.


Founded in 1986 SEICA has progressed from developing its first in-circuit Test system for the domestic electronics industry to become a world leader in Flying Probe and functional test systems. Today Seica is one of the major suppliers of test equipment, with more than 1400 systems installed on 5 continents. 5 subsidiaries; France, United States, China and Germany, with a global distribution network covering market needs worldwide. In more than 25 years of activity, SEICA has supplied turnkey and custom installations for diverse market sectors, from telecommunications, automotive and IT to medical and avionics, as well as a to multitude of contract manufacturers parts.


Sigrity integrates the SpeedXP signal and power analysis tool suite to the Mentor and selected other ECAD flows via the ODB++ interface maintained by the ODB++ Solutions Alliance.


The Simbeor electromagnetic signal integrity simulation software can read ODB++, thus connecting it to all mainstream ECAD processes in the market.


Quantum-SI and Quantum Channel Designer, SiSoft’s tools for parallel and serial link analysis, read ODB++ to perform fast, accurate and reliable system-level signal integrity, timing and crosstalk analysis.

TDM International

TDM International specializes in comprehensive bespoke solutions to complex in-circuit and functional test problems. TDM International are currently planning a solution that supports ODB++.

Temento Systems S.A.

Temento Systems provides test, debug and verification systems for PCB and hardware platforms. They are developing an ODB++ parser that will be integrated into their tool set.


Ucamco (former Barco ETS) has both certified ODB++ input and ODB++ output since 1998. By joining the alliance we re-affirm our commitment to our customers to supply them with an up-to-date and reliable ODB++ input and output.


Visionics product EDWINXP allows Export and Import of ODB++ format and also reconstruction of Circuits from ODB++ data


VisionSoft provides viewers and printing interfaces from ODB++ data


GerbTool has provided ODB++ compatibility for many years already, now fully sustained via the ODB++ Solutions Alliance.

YDC Corporation

CADVANCE AlphaIII-Design provides ODB++ output feature. You can pass the design information to other design and manufacturing processes through it.


Through the ODB++ Solutions Alliance partnership, Zuken supports ODB++ within the CR-5000 and CR-8000 design systems.

ODB++ Best Practice Users

DAIEI Electronics

Daiei Electronics is a design bureau in Japan, and we provide high speed and the high frequency wiring board, the semiconductor test board, and the evaluation board, etc. We can provide design data as ODB++, if customers request it.

Latency: Zero

Latency Zero uses ODB++ data for interfacing PCB product models

MD Systems

MDS have been in PCB design for almost 37 years and very capable of doing any PCB designs at the shortest lead time. We have been using the ODB++ CAD/CAM data exchange format since 2000 and proudly offering it as the best practice method to export fabrication, assembly, and test data from its PCB design tools.

Nippon Avionics

We provide design and manufacturing for hi-layer-count multi-layers and hi-reliability printed circuit board with ODB++.

Optimum Design

Optimum Design delivers a faster and higher-quality PCB design and manufacturing service using ODB++ as the main dataflow out to manufacturing.

Professional Circuit Designs Ltd

Professional Circuit Designs Ltd promotes ODB++ as the most intelligent and accurate path into the PCB Manufacturing flow

Screaming Circuits

Screaming Circuits offers on-line, real-time turnkey prototype and short-run production assembly service. Quote and order PC boards, parts and assembly, quick-turn, with as few as one board. We’ve assembled boards that have gone up into space, down into the ocean and everywhere in between. The venerable Gerber file was king when we started, back in 2003, but it’s time for the torch to be passed. We fully support the ODB++ format and encourage its use whenever possible.

Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits encourages customers to provide data for PCB fabrication and assembly in the ODB++ format to ease DFM review

Spectral Response

Spectral Response EMS recognizes that our customers need lightning-fast response and no-excuses performance in assembly and test. ODB++ and our Valor NPI system are our tools of choice.

Streamline Circuits

Streamline Circuits recommends ODB++ for the fastest and most accurate introduction of PCB designs into manufacturing.


NEC TOPPAN CIRCUIT SOLUTIONS, INC. (TNCSi) provides high-performance PWB design and manufacturing service. We recommend ODB++ for accurate and faster data handling.


Ubisense recommends ODB++ as best-practice for data hand-off into PCB fabrication, assembly and test.

UP Media Group

UP Media Group has long believed the electronics industry must kick its Gerber habit, and supports the ODB++ Solutions Alliance as a superior CAD/CAM hand-off process to Gerber.


Viasystems uses DFM optimized ODB++ from its design customers to accelerate manufacturing introduction and minimize supply-chain risk.

Yamamoto Mfg.Co.Ltd.

Yamamoto Mfg.Co.Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-density and multi-layer printed circuit boards. Our ODB++ has more than 10 years operational performance as an in-house common data format which provides improvement in quality and our quick response to delivery in data processing.