ODB++ Inside generates NPI-ready ODB++ from Cadence Allegro®. ODB++ Inside includes a fully-integrated ODB++ Viewer for checking the data before delivery to NPI engineers in the manufacturing supply-chain.

ODB++ Inside Details

  • Free-of-charge ODB++ output from Cadence Allegro versions 11 – 16.5
  • Integral viewing of the ODB++ manufacturing-oriented product model
  • Compatibility with all DFM, CAM and other ODB++ based manufacturing software tools in your supply chain, whether from Mentor (Valor Division), Frontline, or a wide range of 3rd-parties who support the format.

How to get it

1. Become a member of the ODB++ Alliance –> Click here to join.

2. If you are already a member, click here to sign-in or click on the version you would like to download on the right.

3. You will be asked to verify your contact information and provided a link to start your  ODB++ Inside download.

Support for ODB++ Inside

If you need support for ODB++ Inside for Cadence Allegro please contact odb_inside@mentor.com.

Why ODB++

  • ODB++ is a proven, integrated, intelligent, widely-supported vendor-neutral manufacturing-oriented PCB and PCB-Assembly product-model format
  • ODB++ eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually interpreting drawings and low-level NC files, and the need to re-integrate the manufacturing-ready PCB product model
  • For more information, see Why ODB++?