Welcome to the ODB++ Solutions Alliance

ODB++ Solutions Alliance – here it is, ODB++ partnering 2.0! Many of you will have experienced the open and collaborative nature of the ODB++ partnering from Valor in days gone by; now that we are part of a much bigger organization, with substantially greater resources to devote to the subject, be assured that ODB++ partnering is the same as before in all essential respects. The main change? Even more support behind it!
The underlying principles of ODB++ are the same as in the past:

  • Open (that is the “O” in ODB++) to all who want to use it. All you have to do is ask!
  • Implementation and adoption will be driven by practical reasons, such as because it delivers value and solves real-world problems of getting PCBs into production efficiently.
  • The development of the format is determined by the interests of the thousands of users worldwide, who need to see complete working solutions comprising good data, tools that use the data in a good way for the users, and full technical support for achieving the workflows they need.

No, it is not a formal standard ratified by a not-for-profit standards organization. Yes, ODB++ is a format that is controlled by a major software vendor. But no software vendor can ignore its customers, nor can a software vendor ignore the interests of other vendors in the value-chain.
Welcome to the ODB++ Solutions Alliance, and please share your feedback and suggestions. In the end, the purpose of ODB++ is to help you and your customers to “get the job” done better.