Gerber Cold Turkey

Today we welcome the publishing house UP Media as the 23rd new partner of the ODB++ Solutions Alliance. Many of you will know them as the publisher of Printed Circuit Design and Fabrication magazine who, amongst everything else, published the story about Viasystems and their support for ODB++:-  If you mouse-over the UP Media logo on our partners’ page you will see “……the electronics industry must kick its Gerber habit, and supports the ODB++ Solutions Alliance as a superior CAD/CAM hand-off process to Gerber”.  Interesting to see Gerber described as a “habit”. I know I drink far too much coffee – that’s a habit. But what about the withdrawal symptoms of moving away from Gerber as opposed to switching from coffee to the green tea that I know would be so much better for me? How bad can it be to stop sending Gerber to manufacturers and send ODB++ instead? What would the side effects be? I suggest that switching away from ODB++ to Gerber is a lot easier than kicking the coffee habit, judging by the survey feedback we got from designers who made the switch. So, I put the question out there to the folks who have already “kicked the Gerber habit”:- what were the side effects, did you suffer withdrawal symptoms? It would be great to hear from people who made the switch from Gerber to ODB++. Give us your comments!