2000 members, and rising…….

A couple of weeks ago the Alliance passed the 2000 member mark. As I write, there are (to be precise…) 2437 members registered on the site. Welcome to all!  Also, note the increasing number of partners on http://www.odb-sa.com/partners/ – a widespread representation from around the world, of solutions-providers and design or manufacturing companies who implement ODB++ as best-practice for their daily operations. Amongst the solutions-providers we have providers of pcb design software, CAM tools, analysis tools, supply-chain solutions, and assembly and inspection machines, representing all of the essential steps to designing and manufacturing a PCB.  If you are reading this and would like your company to be represented as a partner within the Alliance, just let me know. The press release announcing the latest news about the ODB++ Solutions Alliance can be found at http://www.pcb007.com/pages/zone.cgi?a=86165&artpg=1&topic=0 and http://www10.edacafe.com/nbc/articles/1/1114322/ODB++-Solutions-Alliance-Exceeds-2000-Members. Let us know about any other places where it was published.