ODB++ version-8 . Evolution not revolution

Today the latest version of ODB++ format, version-8, becomes available – you will see it there on the resources page, available for download alongside the v7 specification. Do I hear sighs of relief about the metric units and cheers for the extended range of standard symbols? This new version contains a range of enhancements that build on the existing structures. Everything there is intended to enable higher levels of automation in DFM and CAM to be achieved by incremental development of existing software tools. It has been a few years since v7 was released, thus this upgrade of the format to v8 contains the results of many suggestions and requests from the global user base. Will it cause disruption? Not if it is implemented “manufacturing backwards towards design”, while at the same time maintaining compatibility with v7 in the tools-flow. Will implementation happen overnight? No, but that is to be expected as outsourced design-to-manufacturing value-chains implement the format step-by-step to realize efficiencies in engineering business processes. As a side note, a major effort has been made to make the format specification document more transparent. Let us know if you see any aspect of the document that is unclear and can be improved; we will be glad to make changes to improve clarity.