Lean NPI – the story develops

Today we have published the second part of the Lean NPI implementation story from Optimum Designs. Take a look at http://www.odb-sa.com/resources/, where you will see part-2 in the white-papers section. Thanks to Optimum Designs for continuing to document their approach to re-engineering their NPI processes to take maximum advantage of ODB++ and the associated tools-flow between design, fabrication and assembly! As I see it, the most notable aspect of their Lean NPI plan is the extensive “left-shifting” of DFM to the very earliest stage in the design flow, using a significant overlap between the two types of product-model – the design database and the manufacturing-oriented product model (the ODB++). I also see that the switch over from the old Gerber method to ODB++ is seen as a transition-process that will be managed over a period of time. No sign of any drawings in their definition of “best-practice” either…. The next editions of the white-paper series will describe how (whether…?) they succeeded with the implementation and the actual quantified benefits achieved. The journey continues!