Everybody’s reading about it….

With the Lean NPI workflow built on top of ODB++ for product-model hand-off to manufacturing, it is worth  noting that the most intensively read article in PCB Design and Fabrication magazine last year was on the subject of Lean NPI, contributed by our Best Practice Partner :- Optimum Design Associates. See the report at http://pcdandf.com/cms/designnews/10575-readers-choice-top-10-articles-of-2013 Congratulations to the team at Optimum Designs! We hope to publish the Part-3 of their “Lean NPI journey” story during this year, when they have gathered quantitative data on the benefits achieved.

Other news about Alliance partners is that we now have over 50 partners listed, with more in the pipeline. The range of ODB++ interfaces being created continues to interesting, with a handful of testing software and machine vendors such as Seica, GigaVis, Corelis and Digitaltest driving their solutions from ODB++. The most recent news is from Artwork Conversion Software Inc., who have just published a video showing how to use ODB++ as the basis for generating a 3D model of a PCB assembly, for use by a well-known MCAD system. Said to provide a much better solution than IDF or STEP – which is quite thought provoking. I guess that aligns with our long-standing view that what the industry needs is working solutions that link tools together in the most efficient way – that is the primary consideration; whether the data conforms to a formal standard or not is, at best, of secondary consideration. In the end, it’s all about getting the job done. Take a look at http://youtu.be/lzvPgkxxFqU. What you see there is a 3D rendering of the ODB++ 2.5D data. Even though the components are prismatic, the accuracy of representing the PCB is excellent – looks like what would come off the production line! Maybe one day PCB manufacturing data will go to true 3D – that can be an additional +-sign in the ODB++………..ODB+++?