Onwards and upwards!

This is to let you all know that after 30 years in the world of PCBs I have decided to move on to a new software venture in the electronics industry. Still connected to PCBs but less directly.

The development and support of ODB++ has been a mission of great importance to me personally because of its potential to genuinely improve the way PCBs are manufactured. When we first launched ODB++ in the mid-1990s it was greeted with suspicion by most, curiosity by some, and enthusiasm by a handful of visionaries. Now, 20 years later, it is an entrenched mainstream technology in the engineering tool-chains of thousands of organizations worldwide. As I write, over 16,000 engineers are members of this ODB++ Solutions Alliance, and the number grows every day. Millions of PCB designs have been manufactured using ODB++ over the years. V8 of the format was launched in recent years and is already starting to deliver benefits to engineers across design-to-manufacturing flows. V9 of the format will come in due course, bringing additional layers of value in terms of time, cost and quality. There are over 60 3rd-party software solution-vendors signed up as “Solutions Development Partners” – more than at any time in the history of the format. All positive signs of progress overall, none of which would happen without the critical combination of the format itself, tool-vendors delivering software solutions that derive value from the format for the benefit of the end-users, and technical support resources to ensure successful implementation; a format on its own is not enough!

I will be handing off the stewardship of ODB++ to my colleagues in a managed way over the coming weeks, to ensure continued success of the format in the hands of its users. Thank you for your participation in the ODB++ mission:- to streamline the way PCBs are manufactured. There is more to come and I am sure ODB++ will go from strength to strength in coming years.