Taking the ODB++ Solutions Alliance Baton

Hello, ODB++ universe! I say hello but I have known many of you for years.  My name is Patrick McGoff and I have the pleasure of taking the baton as the steward of the ODB++ Solutions Alliance that my friend and colleague, Julian Coates, has handed me. I have been in the PCB industry since 1985, beginning with Applicon, the number two EDA company at the time, behind another legend, Computervision. Shout-out to any veterans of the industry who got their start with one of those two pioneers!  
After Applicon, I spent ten years at Gerber Scientific. That’s right – the same company where the format originated. I’ll speak more on that and Mr. Gerber at a later time.
Our industry evolves and morphs; technology, processes, materials, tools, and suppliers change. There are times when it seems like it doesn’t change fast enough and then there are other times you blink and you missed a new technology. Collectively, we are constantly in search of new and improved solutions that allow us to bring new products to market, lower our costs, or improve our quality.
That’s one of the objectives of the ODB++ Solutions Alliance – to provide an open forum where everyone can be kept informed, up-to-date, and supported on the subject of solutions driven by the ODB++ data model.I look forward to my time as the steward of the alliance and welcome any questions or suggestions you may have on the subject.
In the meantime, you might want to read some of the things users said about ODB++ as part of a recent survey conducted by research firm, TechValidate Software. And, stay tuned for some upcoming news about the ODB++ data model.