ODB++ Solutions Alliance – Free Just Got Better

I am happy to announce a couple of ODB++ Solutions Alliance milestones! Recent updates to the ODB++ Solutions Alliance website make it much easier to navigate. The layout has been streamlined and the materials on the resources page have been updated.

Furthermore, the free ODB++ Viewer has been updated to version 9.6.  Now all ODB++ Viewer users will enjoy the same maximum level of functionality. With this current release, users of the ODB++ Viewer can utilize  the following functionality:

  • Filter by component
  • Measure (between points, features, nets, annular ring)
  • Show populated components only
  • Highlight two different nets
  • Expanded component display options (CAD, CPN/IPN, MPN, VPL, pins)

Also, we’ve made it easier to get the ODB++ Viewer. We have eliminated the delivery of the registration key via a separate email. The registration key is now delivered with your download so you can be up and running without delay.

For our Cadence Allegro customers, the ODB++ Inside application has been updated to version 9.6 as well.  Version 9.6 provides the translation of backdrill information into ODB++ and enables the passing of component spacing requirements from Allegro into Valor NPI.  If you haven’t already downloaded it, I recommend you do.

The ODB++ community keeps growing – both in terms of users and partners. This past month we passed the milestone of 20,000 registered users worldwide and there are now more than 3,200 companies that have downloaded the free ODB++ Inside software for Allegro. I am also pleased to welcome two new ODB++ Solutions Alliance development partners, CadSoft Computer and Solaria Thermal.  I encourage you to view their ODB++ capabilities from the links on the partner page.

This is your community and it is our responsibility to serve you.  I welcome your continued suggestions on how we can make it better for you; leave a comment below with your feedback.