You’re in Good Company

We recently conducted a worldwide survey to understand what PCB data formats are used in the industry today. Not surprisingly, Gerber 274X format is still the most widely used for PCB data exchange. However, the second most widely used data format (and by far the most widely used intelligent data format) is ODB++. 48.7% of all respondents use ODB++ for at least one application (fabrication, assembly, test, DFM or viewing).

That’s a respectable number – 48.7%. Granted, multiple answers were allowed, knowing many companies send both Gerber 274X and ODB++. But 48.7% does indicate critical mass in terms of adoption.
There are now more than 30,000 users registered on the ODB++ Solutions Alliance and more than 70 software development partners have committed to ODB++.

If your company is not one of the 48.7% I suggest you look into the subject. Using ODB++ as your data exchange format:

– Simplifies the number of file types need to be generated, validated and reviewed
– Provides information the recipient in your supply chain needs to perform their job more efficiently and effectively
– Delivers greater clarity of your design intent
– Assures a unified dataset is being used by everyone

For those of you who are already using ODB++ as your data exchange format, congratulations! You’re in good company.

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