50,000 Strong

Today we celebrate our 50,000th user signing up for the ODB++ Solutions Alliance!

That’s right – 50,000 and you are one of them.

50,000 people have registered for the free ODB++ Viewer or the free ODB++ Inside application. Maybe some of you registered so that you could download the free ODB++ specification. It’s possible you registered so that you could post questions or comments on the community forum. Regardless of your motivation, we’re glad you are a part of the ODB++
worldwide community.

We started the ODB++ Solutions Alliance website eight years ago to more easily disseminate the information and materials surrounding ODB++. We also wanted to provide visibility for you to know anything and everything about the format (without cost). Along the way we have seen registrants from every region of the world and of course, across the entire supply chain of OEMs, ODMs, bareboard fabricators, flex and rigid-flex fabricators, packaging substrate fabricators and EMS providers. If you haven’t checked out our Partners page lately, I suggest you do so. You will find 72 of the leading software companies who have offered their name in support of the ODB++ format.
You see, the industry decides what is best for the industry.

You know what works, what is most effective and efficient and what is most trouble-free. It is our privilege to serve as the steward of the ODB++ format. Thank you for your support of the industry’s most widely-used intelligent data exchange format.