What about the design quality?

An interesting piece of editorial flashed across my screen this morning, from a PCB fabricator explaining why intelligent formats such as ODB++ are better for everybody as compared to Gerber (meaning not just the late-lamented RS274D, but also the latest derivatives). Take a look:- http://www.pcdandf.com/pcdesign/index.php/editorial/menu-features/9464-a-new-generation-of-data-formats-for-pcb-production Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Mr Kaufhold’s message is … Continue reading

Everybody’s reading about it….

With the Lean NPI workflow built on top of ODB++ for product-model hand-off to manufacturing, it is worth  noting that the most intensively read article in PCB Design and Fabrication magazine last year was on the subject of Lean NPI, contributed by our Best Practice Partner :- Optimum Design Associates. See the report at http://pcdandf.com/cms/designnews/10575-readers-choice-top-10-articles-of-2013 … Continue reading