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    I am trying to install ODB viewer but I get the error “Invalid Signature file content.”. The odbviewer.signature file is present in the downloaded ZIP archive, and it was extracted to the same directory of the installer using windows explorer. Installer file name is: ODB_Viewer_97_Windows_64_SA_Setup.exe.



    I have users that get the same message.
    By chance, do you know how to resolve this?
    We suspect that it is due to restricted access rights and we are in the process of tracking down the root cause.
    Once we have a solution I will post it.



    Hello Bernd,
    as I tried to install the viewer I get the same error message as Nelson.


    Add me to the list of users that get the “invalid signature file” error while installing the 64 bit version of the viewer (on win 7 pro).


    shi chen

    Me too the error.
    64bit version win7



    I found the Solution:
    In order to install the 64bit or 32bit ODB++Viewer you must install the “64bit Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013” first.
    (It is installed during that install process but that is too late, since it is needed to verify the signature file before starting the installation.)
    You can download the “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 64bit” from here:

    Would be nice if one of you could comfirm that it is also working for you.


    shi chen

    Hello Bernd,

    It works follow your suggestion.Thanks.


    It worked for me!

    Thank you very much Bernd!


    Tang, Thomas

    I have the same error.
    But my operating system is Win7 Sp1 32bit.
    I install the ““Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 32bit” ”
    But it can’t work in my system.
    Can anybody provide the solution for me?



    It worked for me!
    64-bit version Windows 10.

    Please fix it for next release or update current install procedure.

    Thank you very much Bernd!


    Thanks for wasting my time ,mentor.
    No release notes , non functional helpline phone-number.
    Just the DIY solution and find your way on the forum.


    Same issue like Thomas on my computer.
    Windows 7 32 Bit. Invalid Signature File. Installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 32bit doesn´t fix the problem.


    I’m on W7.. i get the same error on that machine .. and on an old Notebook on XP.. unless.. wasted hours on it.. I’m on 32bit software..


    Same win 7 32-bit problem here, VC2013 32-bit distributable is installed. I noticed that the support file odbviewer_register.exe is a 64-bit executable.



    I got the same error “Invalid Signature file content” on my win7 32bit computer.

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