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    has anybody ancountered the same problem I have at the moment, that ODB++ data imported into the viewer seems to miss some links between “free” test point pads and the according nets?

    A bit more in detail:
    After exporting ODB++ data from Altium Designer 18 (which supposedly
    uses ODB++ V6.5) I can find the cadnet netlist with all of my nets, and
    pads and vias defined as test points showing the test point attribute
    “t” at the end of line.

    However, when I import the data into ODB++ Viewer V10.2 I stumble upon
    several pads having the attribute “test point” but missing the mapping
    to the according net, although the netlist says otherwise.

    Example for a test point pad missing its net definitionin ODB Viewer

    $26 IN_08
    26 0 1.1220472 3.1771654 D 0.0393701 0.0393701 e p t

    Example for a component pad with which is detected correctly:

    $1 D_IN09
    1 0.027559 0.5905512 3.7267716 B e e staggered 0 0 0 t

    Example for a via with which is detected correctly:

    $5 D_TRM01
    5 0.0059055 0.3626882 1.3051414 B e e staggered 0 0 0 v t

    It somehow seems as only pads without holes are affected. But changing the drilling radius of the first example to 0.002 (as in spec V8.1) does not change a thing.

    Can anyone help what data is missing or whether the viewer has a bug?

    Best regards


    mafle mfl

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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