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    Merv Thomas

    Where can I find information about platform support for this product? It seems to have gone underground since I last used the Valor Universal Viewer. Also do I need a separate license for each installation or is the license key I received via email good for all the installs I need to make? Thanks for any light anyone can shed.


    Max Clark


    The ODB++ Viewer is supported on Windows XP forward to Windows 7. You can find a link to the ODB++ Viewer under the Resources tabs on this OSA website. On the ODB++ Viewer page you find a statement indicating that you can install and use as widely as you wish within your site. There is no need download for each required installation.

    Max Clark


    Merv Thomas

    That’s great. Thanks for the prompt reply.



    is it possible to have a global entreprise key ?
    since very difficult to request for all users to connect on this site , do the registration and request local key.



    I have installed the ODB++ Viewer with licence key that i have had by email. Now the viewer not run because it is expired. I requested again the viewer but nothing has arrived via email.


    Stephen Williams

    I have also requested ODB++ viewer license and recieved on email.
    Once it was so easy to obtain a Valor viewer – no licenses just download the userware. Why have Mentor/Valor made it so difficult?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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