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    I don’t think anyone can technically understand ODB++ only by solely reading Mentor’s ODB++ Specification 7.0 which was written in 2010.

    I really think Mentor should provide detailed training material to the public industry to promote ODB++.




    I agree… the specification document is 295 pages and the explanation / examples given is very vague and not self explanatory… its high time Mentor Graphics provided a better version of the spec or some other training material to support it, as suggested by @yanfeng



    I agree – that would be a good idea and also forward the use of ODB++ by a greater understanding of it.

    A specification is one thing, something that explains the specification is another and would help those that need to work with ODB on a regular basis.

    When trying to resolve ODB++ issues it becomes a very long read going over my head because its a tech spec rather than explaining how ODB++ works.

    I would welcome some further info on the spec.



    I don’t think it was ever in Mentor’s business plan to spend that much time on it, buying a “oven ready” de-facto intelligent standard, but now that IPC-2581 is snapping at its heels with it’s single file intelligent XML standard, maybe Mentor might do something extra that Valor did not, who knows?



    I doubt it was originally.

    However now that they are actively pushing ODB++ with the alliance it would IMO be good if they did.

    Its not enough to simply make and ODB file then open it in a program – many of us want to be able to dissect it too – to understand it.

    Like we do with Gerber. 🙂



    Greetings Mattylad, I recognise you from the PCB Libraries forum. Of course there is software out there which was designed to import the ODB++
    1) Wise – VisualCam
    2) EasyLogic – PCB Inspector
    3) DownStream Technology – CAM350 with DFM
    4) ADIVA

    of course you have to pay for this software, to dissect it etc, maybe using something like this, its possible to get a better understanding?

    What is important for us PCB designers to understand? layers stackup, materials, drills,components/heights/info, Nets.

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