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    Hello, we are using ODB++ Inside to generate our ODB++. When run directly from Allegro (File->Export) it has worked well for us.

    However we are attempting to automate our tools and have not been able to successfully run ODB++ Inside from the command line.

    I have read the PDF that comes with the software.

    This is my command line argument:

    %ALLEGRO_BRD2ODB%\brd2odb -ijp <path_to_brd>/board.brd -jp <path_to_brd> -jn odbjob

    When we run the software we get the following error message:

    “Stage 1 of 1. Translation failed! eif_cadence-583004-Some required files are missing”

    I have tried many different command line arguments with no luck. I have specified the paths both explicitly and tried running from the folder the .brd file is located. No luck.

    The following environmental variables are set:


    Software Versions:

    Windows 10
    Allegro 17.2
    ODB++ Inside 10.2

    Any idea what I’m missing here?

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