4000 members

Well, the Alliance just passed the 4000 member mark, and I see a lot of healthy traffic in the community with members helping each other to understand the format and the options for its implementation. In the last 6 months we have also seen an acceleration in the “Solutions Development” partners, where there is now an interesting range of ODB++ implementors there: 8 PCB CAD vendors, 8 functional-simulation providers, 5 CAM vendors, some production machine vendors and at least 3 companies active in mechanical CAD and PLM. More are on the way, and all are welcome. In the new “Best-practice” partners’ section you will see many new names there, covering all aspects of PCB design, fabrication and assembly services – with an extensive international distribution.

Soon there will be some initial samples of ODB++ v8 data on the resources page, something we can expect to see more of as this latest version of the format starts to be implemented across the design/manufacturing spectrum.