Lean NPI – the story develops

Today we have published the second part of the Lean NPI implementation story from Optimum Designs. Take a look at http://www.odb-sa.com/resources/, where you will see part-2 in the white-papers section. Thanks to Optimum Designs for continuing to document their approach to re-engineering their NPI processes to take maximum advantage of ODB++ and the associated tools-flow between … Continue reading

Data hand-off. Not just a transaction – partnering will improve the process.

When you ask your manufacturer about the data you send them, do they say “everything OK, no problem”? Is that because the data you hand off to them really is best-in-class for manufacturing purposes, or is your manufacturer afraid to complain or of appearing less capable than  his competitors in dealing with your data so … Continue reading

Data hand-off survey results.

About a month ago we decided to get some statistically significant information about what types of data designers are sending out to manufacturing, their levels of awareness of ODB++ and the alternatives, and what drives their choice of format for manufacturing hand-off. We invited just under 100,000 designers to respond to a web-survey, from which … Continue reading

Don’t blame me, I’m only a format!

Wow, this RS274X data is distorting my design! Look at all those self-intersecting polygons that are causing my copper planes to distort! Format problem or implementation problem? Well, you say that if all CAD/CAM tools in the flow worked to exactly the same coordinate system, with exactly the same floating point resolution, the problem would … Continue reading