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    Dave Pleteau

    I’ve been stuck trying to export ODB++ Inside in PCB Editor. Every time I run the command, it states “brd2odb.log does not exist”. Has anyone gotten success fixing this error? I’ve done some research and made sure my environment variable path is set to:
    BRD2ODB_TMP- C:\Temp
    Alas, it still failed. Any guidance or help would be really appreciated.

    • 该话题由 Dave Pleteau 于 4 months, 2 weeks 前 修正。

    is your system installed with Windows 10? It happened only at my win 10 system. Exactly same like you with no brd2odb translator UI pops out. Checked out the settings, no issue with recommended as the settings are default.

    toancau pool


正在查看 3 帖子:1-3 (共 3 个帖子)
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