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    Trying to install ODB++ viewer. Was given the registration key thru the registration process. But after entering the code during install, I get “registration key not valid….” Message.

    Now what?

    Andrew Wade

    I have the same problem.. NOW WHAT?


    Same here.


    The registration key can be found in the readme.txt file that is found within the installation package. Could you please copy and paste the Registration Key when the installer asks you to enter the key and please ensure you did not add any additional characters like space by mistake.

    Thanks and regards,


    I have the same issue here. Registration key copied and pasted from readme.txt file without any additonal characters for sure.

    Any clue?


    I get the same error but If I run the preinstall.bat manually, I get a “0” reply indicating the registration key and signature files are valid. What is going on in the installation that is different from the preinstall.bat?


    The problem seems to be a special character (e.g. “&”) in the directory you run the installation from

正在查看 7 帖子:1-7 (共 7 个帖子)
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